FAQs and Domestic/Intern. Shipping

***Please direct any questions/comments to our email:  MyTeaBling@gmail.com***

One question often asked is if we sell wholesale?  YES WE DO! - Please inquire at the email listed above.


NOW SHIPPING TO:  US, UK, Canada, and Australia !!!  




As a new start-up business we have limited shipping capabilities.   But we'd do anything to get the product to you!

So we have opened up shipping to the above countries for our friends overseas!  

But there is just a few things we would like to mention!  

1. We ship International First Class Mail.  

2. The arrival of the product may take a bit longer to get from our location to your wonderful home in a country over the seas!  

....But no worries, sip some tea.. the sparkles are worth the wait!  (So far each package has arrived fairly fast for the far travel and so we hope that you won't fret).

3. There is a limit to 2 Blings per customer! (Anything over would result in shipping costs that exceed what we feel is acceptable for our customers to pay).  

4. Any giveaways or other products that may be listed are not eligible to ship due to weight. Apologies, as we are a very small business with only good intentions!  (If you are missing out on a giveaway we will do our best to make it up to you).

SO if it's just a Bling or 2!  Then Your wish is our command !

We are very happy and honored to send our friends overseas something we hope they find useful and that will make them smile!   .... and maybe even incite a happy dance too!! ;-)


~Tara B.