About My Tea Bling ® :

Tara Baranauskas

Hello there everybody!

My name is Tara and thank you so much for visiting my website.

I'd like to share with you my story of creating this "BRIGHT idea" called: My Tea Bling ® !

One day I was enjoying my usual afternoon cup of green tea to pep me up.  When, suddenly, I had a vision of a beautiful sparkling pendant hanging from my tea cup!  

I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be amazing if there was something more than this boring string hanging from my cup"?!  I thought- There  are so many products out there to make things fun for coffee time, tea time, and drinks of all sorts; like personalized cups, fancy straws, and infusers- but yet we still enjoy our everyday bag of tea with a poor little boring string?! or sometimes even lack there of?!..  How could that be?!  There must be something out there to replace this string and add some more Excitement to this tea!  

So I searched and searched and realized.. nothing like that exists!  So... I created it!  And now I want to share it with the world and get everyone excited about making that choice to drink some tea!  

Tea should be fun and exciting!  It already makes us feel so great- so why not take it up a notch and add some sparkle!

Whether you enjoy tea in the morning with breakfast, at the office, or relaxing at home- Grab your favorite bag of tea and say "Bye-bye boring string! Hello My Tea Bling ® "!

Let's all put those other drinks aside, hop on the Tea-Train, get Excited, and say "Yasss! It's Tea-Time"!!!

I hope you enjoy it and it brightens your day! Cheers! And remember:

"Don't ever let anyone dull your SHINE" !  

Shine Bright Lovelies! 

Sincerely - Tara B.

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